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OneCoin Exchange Launch Date Is Final

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Top Level Information Issued By Crypto Expert, Financial Adviser, Crypto Analyst, Top Executives, And Top OneCoin Leader

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Top Level Information Issued By Crypto Expert, Financial Adviser, Crypto Analyst, Top Executives, And Top OneCoin Leader

1. Is Our Money Safe?

All Money Invested by individuals for OneCoin Cryptocurrency Education is Safe. We do not have to worry about any money we have invested in the One Life Network.

We all are very fortunate enough to have a platform like OneCoin to strengthen our economic condition. That’s why we all need to increase our understanding of cryptocurrency instead of thinking about the OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange.

2. What is OneCoin Future?

As we all know, the OneCoin exchange is getting delay for a long time. For a long time, people have been getting dates after dates by their senior.

In such a situation, most people are thinking that what will be the future of the One Coin Cryptocurrency? Some special cryptocurrency experts say that the future of OneCoin investment is very bright.

Here you have no choice for losses like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

3. OneCoin Future Scope

One Coin is a payment system, we can use it in the future to buy all the goods and services we need. And One Coin Cryptocurrency has its own merchant platform DealShaker.com where you can make a payment in OneCoin and purchase the car, home, clothing, electronics item, and all other required goods and services.

All OneLife members are required to get knowledge of Cryptocurrency, Trading, And OneEcosystem Support. So that they can purchase Land, Home, Bank FD and Company Share in the coming future.

4. When OneCoin Will Arrive In Open Market

At the beginning of the year 2020, the company had set the time of the OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange through its newsletter. However, the company did not announce any fixed date.

Based on this, it can be ensured that the company will launch its exchange before December 2020. And after this, we can convert our one coin cryptocurrency into Fiat currency.

5. Does YouTube Provide Accurate Information?

On YouTube, many content creators have uploaded videos about the OneCoin CryptoCurrency Exchange launch date. But Almost all of them don’t have proper knowledge about One Ecosystem.

You have to avail of the information you receive from YouTube and to get the right information, you have to follow the company’s official news channel.

6. OneCoin Legality In Asia

Most of our Indian OneLife members keep asking repeatedly about OneCoin Legal condition. Can we exchange OneCoin into Indian currency?

So dear OneLife Members Cryptocurrency in India is completely banned. OneCoin can be used in India only like a commodity. And while exchange ONE into Fiat you have to pay 30% tax to the Indian government.

7. Is OneCoin Still Growing?

In the present time, OneCoin is on the USA government trail. But besides this OneCoin is still growing day by day. New merchants are being introduced to the Dealshaker platform.

There are multiple training and promotional programs for OneCoin and DealShaker In Dubai, Europe, Romania, Japan, and other countries.

We should not forget that most of our OneLife members want OneCoin exchange should launch soon. But yet they are growing their skills.

8. What About OneCoin Business?

Some Indian leaders promote the OneCoin system in the wrong way and because of this, they have to suffer a lot. Actually, these people were promoting OneCoin like their own property. And the company can’t accept it in any form.

Indians are still doing business and growing their merchants and team members. For doing this they are taking the help of foreign Leaders.

9. OneCoin KYC Status For OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

Dear Member If your KYC has been approved, then be assured that you are a verified customer of the company. And if you have KYC pending then it will be approved soon.

If your KYC has been declined by the company, then you need to carefully read the instructions of the company and then upload the document again.

And this time your KYC will definitely be approved. Please remember you can only use OneCoin cryptocurrency exchange if your KYC is fully approved.

10. Who Can Exchange OneCoin

if your KYC is approved and you are a verified customer then you can transfer your OneCoin to OneCoin cryptocurrency Exchange and Dealshaker Platform.

Where you can use your coin as a currency for purchasing goods and services. But if you are unable to see your coins on the DealShaker platform then you have to email the company support team and get the necessary help from there.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch Date

Just a few days ago, the company had a very big event. In this event, the big leaders of the company have disclosed the OneCoin Exchange launch date.

According to the meeting in this event, the company is in the final phase of the launch of the exchange. And we are expecting OneCoin Exchange Will to be launched near about December 2020.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch Date Is Final

The company’s leaders have confirmed this fact, but the company has not yet accepted this fact through its official newsletter.

It is a matter of the exchange launch but it can not be fully believed until the company will accept it through its official newsletter.

The company has confirmed officially that they will come to the open market or OneCoin exchange will launch during the year 2020. The date is not confirmed officially.

** Why OneCoin?

The biggest race in the world is who can create the first global cryptocurrency. Because whoever does that will create the equivalent of the Facebook of the cryptocurrency world and all the others must die.

Below is something we have been working on a lot in a long long time. This is the circle of success or the wheel of fortune or however, you want to call it. But this is OneCoin world and our coin is in the middle of the circle.

It is a whole Ecosystem, it is a life, it is a network, it's a lot of things and I don't believe that any other cryptocurrency competitor whatever we call them has such a view on the future in what's coming up.

Dear friends, believe it or not! OneCoin will be the number one cryptocurrency in worldwide.

** Dear OneCoiners,

No doubt a massive and much bigger financial crash than the one in 2008 is imminent and that could be the end of fiat currency as it is the main cause of devaluing our currencies and increasing inflation.

It is clear that we must move towards Digital Cryptocurrency today or tomorrow which is finite and controlled by the users only, and e-wallet will be our own bank.

Now, you imagine what we will bring for the masses as the Biggest Educated Family In The Whole World!

2020 it's a new decade, a year to leap to write history, move forward fearlessly. It's a year of success! Make room for things that matter, let's continue learning together while becoming educated, flexible, and compliant.

DS Country Managers' pieces of training will be led by Core Team Leaders to build a proper communication channel and go back to all aspects of ONE Ecosystem.

Over 70 Leaders are expected to participate in this Global event!

More information about the topics discussed and photos from the event - please expect in our next Newsletter!

◾ DealShaker 

The Company started working on several IT Project, included in the Company Year Plan for IT development. We're already eager to see the New DealShaker Platform!

According to the latest news and internal information, the new DS Platform should be presented very soon - till the end of February this year!

The Captain and the Core Teams are to be updated about the project progress bi-weekly.

◾ OneForex 

As an important part of the Company Policy and a leading factor in personal development for the members of OneFamily, we are working on the OneForex Platform and the testing versions should be available very soon!

OneForex is a Forex training program of OneAcademy that combines leading education, market simulation and prizes for the best traders.

DealShaker Is a global electronic advertising and commerce platform, where you can offer your products and services such as cars, houses, land, travel, clothing, footwear, professional services, beauty products, health services, aesthetics, computers, phones and more.

Dealshaker is the right means that allows you to access an active customer base of more than 3.6 million who want to use their coins in exchange for your products and services, no affiliation fees and no establishment fees for receiving OneCoin as a method of payment.

** Concept of Cryptocurrency.

Dear OneCoiners, there is a need to educate our members when it comes to the "Concept of Cryptocurrency".

The concept is that the cryptocurrency should be used and not sold. However, most of the members are waiting for OneCoin to come out in public, so they can liquidate (sell).

It will be silly of us to sell OneCoin and go back to Fiat currency, as it declines in value over time, whereas cryptocurrency goes up in value over time, as its usability increases. Therefore, smart people will use their OneCoins to meet their needs and hold onto the rest.

This lack of understanding, on part of our members, may cause a problem for OneCoin!

If nobody sells their OneCoins and the public wants to buy, this will push the price higher. If most people want to sell and there is no equivalent demand, the price will fall. Hence, the need to have some sort of control!

- How To Follow the Concept of Cryptocurrency?

1 - Increase Usability:

The most important factor for increasing the demand in the upcoming time we have t focus on usability. Just think of that day when we are using our cryptocurrency for daily requirements.

We have to go to the market and pay cryptocurrency for our vegetables and other food products. When we pay bus and auto fare in cryptocurrency, then we will have a different feeling.

I believe that all these things will take time but just think that when this happens, we will not need any kind of exchange.

And this is the concept of cryptocurrency, the sooner we understand it, the sooner we will be successful.

2 - Create More Merchants:

To increase the usefulness of cryptocurrency in our daily life, we have to create more and more cryptocurrency merchants. And we have to start this ourselves because every person in the world buys and sells something every day.

First of all, we have to start selling because when we start, only then will other people come forward after being influenced by us.

And gradually we will have to buy goods from our needs from other merchants and one day will come when our One Ecosystem will be complete.

This day will be the beginning of our success and after that, as we move forward our society will also move forward.

3 - Spread Awareness:

To do all these things, we must first raise awareness about cryptocurrency in our society. Because people will not adopt it until they know about it.

We have to tell the people how this system works and what is the benefit to the people by adopting this system, and how to avoid the coming inflation.

OneCoin cryptocurrency will be a method of payment, store of value and currency at the same time. OneCoin cryptocurrency is not affected by inflation and an increase in price value even while fiat or mobile money stays the same, or decreases in value, even after years pass.

"Cryptocurrency is a risky market always."

These are the words of Dr. Ruja, but those people who don't understand and believe in her vision will understand soon. Nobody want to put money in highly risky trading. And the vision of Dr. Ruja is to educate people about this revolution.

One truth can not be ignored that Exchangers and Bitcoiners are behind this project criticizing all the time to make it fail! This is why, we are still working hard to get rid of the haters, we are just doing our duty nothing else! OneCoin is our project and we are just doing what we suppose to do in order to protect ourselves, our family, our community and our future. So, if you believe OneCoin is yours as well !! Be safe, be calm and trust the lady who is a pioneer in the crypto market.

I personally invested my time, effort and money to the vision of Dr. Ruja but you have to understand that buy coin cheap and sell expensive is not her vision!

My plan is to live exclusively on OneCoin within the next years, instead of the US Dollar. Cryptocurrency is intended to be the next evolution of money and payments. Yes, you can make money with cryptocurrency, as you can on Forex, but that is not my chief objective.

We will create confusion among people if we leave them hanging by simply saying OneCoin is an investment plan and your money doubled, tripled without doing anything.

Investment is a platform where your money, literally grew. In OneCoin your money did not grow! *Please take note that it is the value of your coin that grew over time! There are many things I can't explain, you have to learn about Dr. Ruja’s vision to understand them.

We've created this coin! So, we are miners, not investors. We did not invest in money growth, we invest in Education that will lead us to overwhelming money growth.

Exchange Monopoly Cartels Hate OneCoin!

Unfortunately, when people are first introduced to OneCoin, they search the Internet: What is Bitcoin? What is OneCoin? They go through all the hater stuff and they catch themselves on the price. OneCoin is 29.95 € and Bitcoin is 8460 €, and nobody asks why?

Bitcoin has a monopoly. If you go to the exchange, you must use Bitcoin to buy any other coin, and this is the monopoly cartel (organized agreement to maintain prices at a high level and restrict competition) created by the exchanges.

- There are 4 basic steps:

1. You deposit your money on the exchange.
2. You buy Bitcoin.
3. You exchange Bitcoin for another Digital Currency.
4. Then you withdraw those coins into your eWallet.

There are 4 fees to be paid and this is a global agreement for every exchange. They all make a lot of money on these exchanges and they do not intend to change that. Any Digital Currency that bypasses this entire global exchange system is their competition and their enemy, and they will do anything and everything to destroy this competition.

- OneCoin is the Merchant Coin.

Regarding usability and the merchants. So what do you do with OneCoin? The main critic is; why you can’t sell the coins? What will you do with your OneCoins? Let’s consider the typical process for acquiring all Digital Currencies except for OneCoin.

1. You deposit your money.
2. You acquire coins.
3. Price goes up.
4. You sell coins.
5. You buy goods and services.

But why do you need step 4?

OneCoin can be regarded as the merchant coin. OneCoin does not require step 4 because we can purchase directly from the DealShaker platform goods and services. Who is losing here?

The exchanges. They are losing money. That is why they do not want OneCoin. Any Digital Currency that bypasses this entire global exchange system is their competition and their enemy, and they will do anything and everything to destroy this competition. This is why all of the exchanges consider OneCoin to be a scam. In truth skipping step 4 saves a lot of people a lot of money. That’s why they hate OneCoin. It’s not the mining. It’s not the centralised blockchain. It’s simply the competition of business.

OneCoin is proving to be a preferred alternative, revered by many as one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies on the cryptocurrency market, providing a number of top quality opportunities for its users, and most of all - stability.

OneCoin is a new generation cryptocurrency, combining many advantages and is determined to become the Number 1 cryptocurrency worldwide - offering secure, fast, borderless payments.

One of OneCoin’s main advantages over Bitcoin is that it is designed for mass use, meaning not only tech savvy users with high-end encoding hardware and specialised knowledge can mine the coin, it gives everyone the chance to gain access to the new financial opportunities cryptocurrencies provide. Not only that, OneCoin takes a step further by aiming to educate its members on how to deal with cryptocurrency in the best way possible.

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